Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mistura Part 2: More From Peru's Food Festival

The most important culinary event in Peru continues to make headlines and thrill those of us (like me) who love Peruvian food. This is my second blog post about Mistura 2011. It is just that good that it deserves another post. I even got to take a pic with  a hot coke model. 

Old fashioned snow cones are also up for sale here. The vendors use old technology to make one of the best snow cones you will ever taste. They have coconut, tamarind, passion fruit, and many other tropical delights.

Going from cold to a warm drink (which you need in this cold climate) I will share my favorite warm drink.. It was a boiled tea with the types of fruit cooking in the tea water. 

The event continues until September 18, 2011. Entry costs 20 Soles but tickets are sold out. Remember to buy tickets from a “legitimate-looking scalper” and just make you do not pay more than 10 soles above the regular entry price. I asked one of the local police officers to look at my tickets before I purchased them to make sure they were ok. He was nice enough to do so.You have to buy tickets for food products which generally run between 2-12 soles. For reference, a dollar is worth about 2.75 soles at the current exchange rate.

¡Buen provecho!

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