Friday, September 16, 2011

The Magical Water Tour: Lima Shines

Lights, water and action. Ok so maybe that is not the way you heard it before, but it is definitely the way you should visualize it.

 It is the way you will see the water show here at Parque la Reserva near central Lima. The park is called the Circuito Magico de Agau or Magical Water Tour.

The park entry costs 4 soles and it is worth the trip. I admit I was hesitant but after hearing several stories about the park I decided to check it out.

The park really consists of two locations connected by an underground tunnel. My pictures of the tunnel did not turn out so great. However, the tunnel itself is really interesting as it is a museum to water and the patch you follow is an illustration of the river Rimac which flows through western Peru.

If you visit the park in the winter (northern summer) remember to bundle up. It gets cold here.

Take your camera and enjoy the show!

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