Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mistura 2011: The best cuisine in Peru

Mistura 2011. This is the place to be if you like food…Peruvian food to be exact. This annual food festival takes the best restaurants and chefs from the around country to exhibit, compete and sell their cuisine.

Peru is a country that is gaining prominence for its cuisine. Peruvian restaurants around the world are opening up to introduce Peruvian food to the world.

Some of the more famous (and to some people more tasty) dishes are the famous anticuchos (cow hearts on a skewer) and grilled chicken hearts.

I personally prefer the tiraditos or raw fish with various sauces. This is much like the better known ceviche (or cebiche) but with a slightly different taste.

Stands line the area at the “Parque de la Exposición" in downtown Lima. I strongly recommend you visit Mistura if you are in Lima. The event is from Septmeber 9-18, 2011. 

Entry costs 20 Soles but they are sold out. You can still buy from a scalper just make sure they are legitimate tickets and do not pay more than 10 soles above the regular entry price. You have to buy tickets for food products which generally run between 2-12 soles. For reference, a dollar is worth about 2.75 soles at the current exchange rate.

 If you can’t go to Mistura, I still hope you can seek out some tasty Peruvian food to try for yourself.


  1. I was there early today and loved it. The ice cream being made there was great.