Friday, September 2, 2011

Magdalena del Mar: Quiet District on the Sea

Its name is officially Magdalena del Mar, but folks just call it Magdalena. You don’t hear much about the small and quiet seaside district of Magdalena in western Lima. It is overshadowed by the wealthy San Isidro to the south and the chaotic and often-cited dangerous Callao to the north.

This district is known as a working-class neighborhood where kids play in the park and families gather along the seawall. When I ask about what type of neighborhood it is people often say it hasn’t been a place they recommended in the past but new construction is changing that attitude. There are nice and even relatively high-end apartment buildings going up along the seawall here.

According to the district’s website listed below the Spanish began building a church here in 1535 and the area officially became incorporated into the city of Lima in 1920.

I personally think Magdalena is a pretty district with a really nice location on the sea. I am glad I got to know it.

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