Monday, July 25, 2011

The White City in the Sand

Arequipa lies in the southern section of Peru. This is Peru's second-largest city...some estimates place the population at near 900 thousand in the metro area.

Arequipa is a colonial city with lots of typical tourist attractions. Stone roads, white volcanic "sillar" buildings and a frenzy of activity make this a bustling tourist center in the south of Peru.

Arequipa is a good place to buy traditional crafts and wool/llama products.

When you want to travel around the city you will find multitudes of tiny cabs...all with some sort of advertising sticking from their roof.

If you visit Arequipa I strongly recommend you taste some of the local specialties. My favorite was the stuffed peppers "rocoto relleno".

Arequipa is a mere 1:20 plane ride from Lima or a 15 hour bus ride on the very comfortable Cruz de Sur.

-- Desde Mi iPhone