Monday, July 18, 2011

It is so good and it is so Wong: A little advertising with your festival

Sunday night the skies in the Miraflores District of Lima, Perú lit up with fireworks, shiny bikini-clad women and floats that would make Lady Gaga look tame.

This is the XXIV Gran Curso for the Peruvian Independence Holiday (later this month)…sponsored by the Peruvian-based Wong supermarket chain.

The entire area around the the famous Kennedy Park overflowed with people who wanted to watch the parade and other events associated with the upcoming holiday and the store marketing plan.

While the floats were interesting, the woman were beautiful and the high school bands gave it all they had

…I could not help but notice that this seemed like one big marketing fest. Every float was a giant banner hawking a product…thinly disguised as a float or adornment.

My personal favorite was the giant Cristal beer drunk…that is blatant marketing but I can easily forgive it. It is beer.

To make the streets even more crowded all the bars were full of beer drinkers watching the Copa America soccer (futbol matches).

While this party is completely manufactured by advertisers for consumer consumption, it is fun. People enjoyed themselves. Even I had fun.

I say bring on the pre-packaged consumer made fun.


  1. Good pun in your title. Fun photos too.
    Came to your blog from your post on ExpatPeru. We should link blogs, man. My blogzine presents a weekly travel feature, though of course travel plays a big role in the other daily features as well. Therefore our blogs wouldn't repeat each other so much as accentuate each other.
    Take a look. Let me know what you think.
    Meanwhile I look forward to seeing you at a blog meeting next week (mine or the other Starbucks gig).

  2. Hi Anthony,

    The parade shows capitalism at its "best".

    I heard that Wong's is actually owned by a Chilean Corporation now.