Saturday, September 24, 2011

Plastic Bottles & Street People

It seems as though I am surrounded by a sea of plastic bottles everywhere I turn in Lima.

Everyone recommends I buy bottled water (unless I boil the tap water first) which comes in plastic bottles. Soft drinks and many juices also come in plastic bottles.

I feel like I am using too many plastic bottles here in Lima. I try to reuse the bottles as much as I can.

I have asked several different folks how I can recycle...and everyone seems to have the same answer. I am supposed to put the bottles in the trash and let the street people collect them for resell. Maybe I will put them in a separate container and make it easier for them. I wonder what the neighbors would think.

-- Desde Mi iPhone


  1. In La Molina, we have recycling pickup on Tuesdays. I place my plastic bottles in a separate bag.

  2. Intresting blog! How long have you been living in Peru?