Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Marca Peru: A successful campaign

Perú is in the process of branding itself as an important product, both domestic and global levels. There is an incredibly successful marketing campaign taking place. It is locally known as ´´Marca Perú ´´ or Peru´s Brand.

The folks who designed this campaign even took a road trip to Peru, Nebraska. There they taught these Peruvians how to really be Peruano. I encourage you to watch this video. It is a great example of how you can make marketing fun and use cross cultural restrictions as benefits and not detriments.

The logo has a ´´P´´ with swirls around in before finishing the ´´eru´´ of Perú. The campaign has caught on with fervor. The recent culinary festival Mistura featured the logo.

I have the logo on my wrinkled and well-worn Peru T-shirt.

You can even spot the logo at night in Kennedy Park in the heavily touristed area of Miraflores.

I think this Marca Perú campaign is fun and gets my attention. For more information you can visit the campaign´s website:

I am a changed consumer. I tend to buy products that feature it over ones that do not. Just my two cents (or should I say two soles since I am in Perú).

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  1. I think it has been a good idea use the form of Nazca lines in the logo, but personally I just hate it. It looks like some 5-year-old kid just tried to draw something cool.

    Even though, the campaign "Marca Perú" has been quite successful and little by little people are getting to know more about this country. It's very important for the tourism of Peru - can you believe that this beautiful country with everything you can ever imagine receives just 2 million of tourist every year? My country (Finland) which is much smaller and not touristic at all receives 6,2 million every year. In Latin America, Mexico receives 22 million in a year.

    So, there's a lot of work to do in here and "Marca Perú" is a very good start!