Saturday, November 27, 2010

Late Thanksgiving Post

I am thankful for many things. I have wonderful family, friends, and students. However, I wanted to make a delayed Thanksgiving post to thank two special people. I wanted to thank my two friends who inspired me to begin this blog about culture and travel. Kristi Wright and Janet Johnson are two "veterans" of the blogging world.

Kristi has a blog that encourages all of us to eat our fruit and veggies. She will make me be healthier and wiser. Here is a picture of Kristi below. I encourage you to visit her blog at

Dr. Janet Johnson is pictured below. She also inspired me with her postings about rhetoric and media. This is another great blog to read. Please visit her at Both of these great friends have been incredible inspirations to me with this cyber venture. That is my late Thanksgiving post!


  1. LOVE this! Thanks so much and we can inspire each other.

  2. So sweet of you to acknowledge us. I love it! Friends help friends blog!!!

  3. Hola Tony, what a wonderful idea! You are a great person to talk about traveling and intercultural communication. I am glad you were inspired by Kristi and Janet to start this blog. Very soon you will have lots of followers.

    Un fuerte abrazo desde Costa Rica!!!! Te queremos mucho!
    Jose Hernández

  4. Gracias Jose. You are great. Thanks for checking out my blog. Un abrazo gigante para vos.