Monday, October 3, 2011

Insider Trip Tips: A Guest Blogger Visits Peru

My friend and fellow blogger Kristi Wright recently came to visit me in Lima, Peru. This was her second visit to Peru. I asked her to post a guest blog about her travel experiences in Peru.

I first visited Lima in May 2009. I had no expectations and truly did not know what to expect but ended up loving Peru. Our flight into Lima ended up being a wonderful unexpected experience because we got diverted to the small town of Chiclayo because of fog. I reflect back that I would not have seen this city if it wasn’t for fog and I am forever grateful. It was beautiful.

After leaving Chiclayo, we arrived in Lima and I was in love. I laugh though because I thought one area, Miraflores, was all of Lima. I was so WRONG. Lima is huge. I did not accurately grasp this until my next visit when I got to see a little bit more of Lima. However, here are some random thoughts about my first visit to Peru.

1. Lima is a huge.

2. An unexpected stopover in Chiclayo can be a good thing.

3. Shopping in Chiclayo is like an upscale NY store experience, they will sit you down and bring the clothes to you.

4. Toothbrushes are not free at hotels.

5. Get a good pilot because landing in Lima is a bitch when there is fog.

6. Speaking of fog, it was here every day in May.

7. I am extremely tall in Peru and I am 5’7’.

8. The cab drivers do not know places so expect them to ask you where something is.

9. Everyone is glad to give directions, but you will come to realize that they are always wrong.

10. Miraflores is beautiful. I would recommend staying in this area.

11. The people are so nice.

12. Barter when shopping or just wait a minute and they will give you a new price.

13. A place called Pizza Alley by Kennedy Park is a great place to people watch and grab a beer.

14. Starbucks is everywhere.

15. Their coffee is so strong and very bitter!

16. Talk to everyone they have great stories.

17. The climate is chilly and seems wet all the time.

18. The beach is very different than what I know as a beach. Here it is dirt and lots of huge rocks.

19. Drink Inca Kola!!! Inca Kola is the only national beverage in the world that beat Coca-Cola in sales; until Coca-Cola simply acquired Inca Kola and once you taste it you will know why.

20. You definitely need to speak some Spanish.

21. If you take a picture of someone, expect to pay him/her.

22. Lima consists of lots of districts are they are all so different but beautiful in their own way. Check out as many as possible.

23. Check out a local grocery store and try something new.

24. There are more cab drivers than in the city of Norman, OK which consists of 110,000.

25. Try ceviche and a warm churro. You will not be disappointed.

26. The Historical Centre of Lima is worth the cab ride. The buildings are colonial, lavish and very opulent but so picturesque.

If you would like to learn more about Kristi´s trip you can visit her blog:

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