Saturday, December 25, 2010

Rum, beer and relleno

Merry Christmas from Nicaragua. Today is dead day here. Folks here celebrate Christmas Eve much more than Christmas Day. That is because everyone drinks a lot on Christmas Eve. The preferred Christmas drink here is rum. The best and by far most popular brand is the Flor de Caña.

While the tragitos (shots) of rum are the most popular Christmas drinks, the beer is not far behind in popularity. The brand that you see most often is Toña. It is also my favorite beer in Nicaragua.

The most important Christmas dish here is the gallina rellena (stuffed hen) or just relleno for short. It is really good. The dish has shredded chicken, carrots, beets and a couple of other vegetables.

Well, it is time to rest as the whole country seems to have a hangover. Feliz Navidad. BTW the best way the folks here seem to deal with that hangover is to eat and drink...just a little more.

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  1. "the hair of the dog"

    So glad you're enjoying your holiday and your trip!