Friday, December 24, 2010

Feliz Navidad from Nicaragua

Feliz Navidad! Merry Christmas from Nicaragua. I am currently in the northern, mountainous part of the country. I am in the city of Esteli: famous for cowboys and producing tobacco. The weather is cool with mountain air and people are very friendly. It is a very different type of Christmas atmosphere but one anyone familiar with the holiday would recognize in its hybrid forms. Santa even got sexy as you can see from the parade photo below.  Yes, those are hot girls dressed up in Santa suits that you see.

The central park in town is all decked out with lights and Christmas decorations. It is a nice and fun atmosphere. You would think it would be absurdly hot since I am in Central America but this mountain climate is very cool and you actually need a jacket or sweater.

Gallina Rellena or stuffed hen is a typical dish. I had some of it today and it’s very tasty. However, most  folks here in Nicaragua find Christmas to be more of a time to get together and celebrate and place less of an emphasis on gifts and gift giving. They do like to drink beer and rum on this holiday…and the night before and the night before that. Etc. Merry Christmas from Nicaragua.


  1. I love the Santa with the sax in front of the nativity scene.

  2. I concur with Janet! How awesome is that?!