Monday, August 22, 2011

College Filmmakers Screen In Lima, Peru.

Tonight I was invited to a very important film screening. This was the National Short Film Festival for university students in Peru. 

Of the five finalists…one of them, “Morgana”, was produced by students from my university the USIL (Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola). It tells the story of a pregnant woman who is abandoned by her boyfriend. Her daughter has medical problems and Morgana is forced to become a hired assassin to pay for her daughter’s healthcare.

Tonight’s event, the second annual competition, took place in the very luxurious UVK Larcomar cinema in Miraflores.

 The voting took place online and a jury of filmmakers selected the prizewinning short. The winners took home 10,000 Soles and a new Sony camera.

You can view the five finalists and other student films in the competition by clinking on the link below.

The winning film was “Culpas” the story of domestic and sexual abuse in the shantytowns of Lima.  All of the films conveyed real experiences and emotions as seen through the eyes of the student filmmakers.

I was pleased and honored to have been a part of this experience. It is possible I was sitting among the next generation of great Peruvian filmmakers. I encourage you to take a look at each of these films.

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