Monday, January 3, 2011

One hell of a trip or a trip from hell: Catching a ride on a cargo ship

Hola. I am now back in Managua from Corn Island. What a wonderful place and what an adventurous (miserable trip) back. While I am in Managua my bag is stuck in a place called Juigalpa. I decided to take the adventurous i.e. cheap way back. Instead of spending 110 dollars on a plane ticket, I opted for the 15 dollar trip. You can see from the picture below that I had luxury accommodations.

Yes, I slept on the slatted, backshattering deck of a cargo ship from Corn Island. The trip took me 6 hours across the open sea and four more hours up the Rio Escondido to the river port of El Rama. While my wallet thanked me, my back and neck did not. I was one of the lucky ones and had found a piece of cardboard box to sleep on.

As you can see it is not exactly a thriving metropolis here in the river port city (town) of El Rama.

You might think the bus accommodations would get better after making landfall. But they did not. Busses here are not that comfortable. However, this is all included in the above-mentioned $15 trip price. It was only a short 7 hour bus ride (with a transfer in the city of Juigalpa where my luggage decided to stay overnight).

Oh well, clean clothes and deodorant are overrated aren’t they?

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